Why Support The Alderney Rugby Club?

Supporting a local sport club on a small island has many benefits for the community. The health of a sports club has been widely known to promote lifelong learning, create bonds between different social circles, increase the health and well-being of the people in the community. You’re able to support the Alderney Rugby Club in many ways.

Becoming A Vice President

Becoming a Vice President of the Alderney Rugby Club is a small way of showing your support to your local sports club. Being a vice president gives you access to our exclusive newsletter. Our newsletters will be set out regularly with a number of topics ranging from match reports, up and coming events and future matches. Your name will also be featured on our website and future programs as a honorary Vice President.


Sponsorship is a massive part of club funding. With the help of people within the community and businesses, we’re able to continue our club into the future. Sponsoring a player or match, enables businesses to have advertisements either through the website, local media and our newsletters. We have future plans of how to reach more followers with our advertisements and we hope to implement them into the future.


We are soley run on club on donation, sponsors and player contribution. We don’t have a grant from the States of Alderney or are use any sponsored scheme. Donations help us with buying equipment, saving up for away games, purchasing our kits and general cost of running the club. All donations help no matter how much. If you would like to donate please use the PayPal donation button below, or if you wish to donate another way, please contact us.

Current Sponsors