Strength and Conditioning - Get Rugby fit!

All players follow a very carefully planned program that is aimed to accommodate the sports specific fitness components needed for each position to maximise their performance on the pitch.

Monday Training

Monday is a tough but rewarding training session. Our trainers go into more depth of tactical play and also physical play. This session is great for fitness and the thinking side of rugby.

You get one on one feedback on your progression and advice on what you need to work on.

Thursday Training

We provide outdoor classes that will be targeting all aspects of your fitness!! While some days we will be working on our power and strength, the next sessions we could be looking at improving our aerobic and anaerobic output, the list does go on and on!

Sunday Review

Occasionally we meet up on a Sunday to review a professional game and go through rules of the game. These sessions are also to review the direction of the club with players input and management verbal thoughts. Another aspect of the Sunday meet up is for socialising of the pitch